Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Thoughts and a Morning Devotional

Wind Turbines at Sunrise, Emilian Robert Vicol, Public Domain Photos, CC by SA, 2.0
Over the past few months, I've been drawn deeper and deeper into my work with what I'm calling Earth-centered Heathenry.  Nerthus, my patron deity, led me to this place - but it's gone beyond just the Vanir (which may be a term and classification invented much later than anyone thought; see Rudolph Simek's The Vanir: An Obituary).  To me, Earth-centered means to be focused primarily on the natural world, which includes not only the Earth itself, but also the sky, the seas, all of nature that surrounds us.  Yesterday, I felt strongly led to alter my morning devotional, currently a very ADF standard acknowledging of Gods, Ancestors, and Nature Spirits.  

The morning star has always been special to me, and Eostre and Sunne since I began honoring Anglo-Saxon deities; but suddenly I felt strongly led to acknowledge these deities of the morning.  Taking inspiration from Cynewulf's 9th century poem Crist II, which contains beautiful verses about the morning star, I wrote a new morning prayer.

Hail Earendel, brightest of stars,
Herald of the coming dawn,
bright above the morning, every season
a perfect illuminated jewel.

Hail Eostre, the shining dawn,
brilliant beginning of the day,
rays of light crowning the East,
a bright and glorious birth.

Hail Sunne, bright bride of the heavens,
All-shining bringer of life,
flaming chariot riding through the sky,
the fire that feeds the world.

I kindle the sacred Fire
with the joy of dawning day;
may it bring light and life and warmth
to me and mine.

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