Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Charm to Halt the Rain

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In my little corner of the midwest, any group that does magick or prays to natural gods has probably done a spell or ritual to bring the rain.  It gets dry and hot here, and our economy depends a lot on agriculture; so any prolonged drought has a ripple effect, first on the farmers, then on local businesses, and then on the employees of those businesses, and on and on.  Everyone is impacted.

So it's not very often that you'll find someone from my region talking about prayers to stop the rain.  But it does occasionally happen that we get just too much in too short a time, and it all runs off and creates dangerous conditions, carrying valuable topsoil with it.  This isn't exactly ideal either.

The past month, we've had far greater than our average amount of rain, which for a time was great, because we were rather behind.  It's getting to be too much, though.  We've already had more than two inches today as I write this, and it's supposed to be raining until early this morning.  So what can we do to gently ask the deities to halt the rain for a bit?  Why, write a charm, of course!

Hail Thunor the Thunderer!
You whose mighty storms cover the sky!
The rains have grown great,
laying our lands with water,
flooding our fields.
You who rule the wind and weather,
dry the rain, scatter the clouds,
return only when you are needed.

Hail Ingvi Frey, God of the World!
You who rule the rain and the shining of the sun!
The water is rising,
choking the green things,
stealing the soil.
You who bless the fields with growth,
dry the rain, scatter the clouds,
bring forth the shining sun!

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